Scientific support for Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Training in Prison.

Study cites lower reoffense rates, impulse control, lower incidence of substance-abuse, depression and hostility.

Low Reincarceration Rate Associated with Ananda Marge Yoga and Meditation.

”There is growing evidence to support the teaching of spiritual practices, such as Yoga and meditation, in prisons. A Minnesota-based consensus panel observed that spirtual approaches may be quite valuable in substance-abuse treatment for offenders, and recommended providing a time and suitable place for individual meditation, reflection, or prayer. A study at Seattle’s North Rehabilitation Facility found that the recidivism rate for inmates who took a 10-day Vipassana mediation retreat was 56%, a 25% improvement over recidivism rates in the general inmate population. A follow-up study by the Addictive Behaviors Research Center at the University of Washington found that drug use, drug and alchol-related consequences, and self-reported levels among those who took the course, compared to those who did not. ”

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Big Men, Big Time

”The Insight Prison Project’s James Fox has taught in prisons and youth facilities for over three years in both San Francisco and, in the summers, Chicago.” by Laura Shin


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