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Transformational Healing

Punishing people through mass incarceration isn’t making our communities safer, it’s just making people suffer. We advocate for a different approach to getting ‘tough on crime’ and it starts with compassion.

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Most incarcerated people have a history of complex, interpersonal trauma. This trauma is at the root of action that leads to harm and self-harm. It must be addressed if we are serious about our rehabilitation.

Practice with Compassion

Beyond offering yoga, our teachers show up without fear and without judgement, offering a healing human connection.

Books for Prisoners

Since 2010 we have sent more than 33,000 copies of 'Yoga: a Path for Healing and Recovery' by request, free-of-charge.

Prison Reform in Action

Through example, advocacy, and consultation we assist prisons, governmental agencies, private entities, and individuals in establishing trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness programs.

Informed Training Programs

Our trainings are informed by our understanding of the unique socio-cultural environment of incarceration, social justice issues, and the impact of trauma on the lives of prisoners.

Promotes peace, health, and well-being of people in the criminal justice system, and those supporting them

Support for Prison Yoga Project directly and positively impacts the daily lives of incarcerated women and men across the country. Send a book to a prison, make a donation, or volunteer. Your help is appreciated beyond what you can imagine.