Buy or Donate A Yoga Book

James Fox originally wrote Yoga: A Path for Healing and Recovery to provide a resource for prisoners to continue their practices upon release. It has become something much more than that. The book is a valuable resource to anyone practicing or beginning to practice yoga. While we provide these 100 page manuals to prisons, jails and others at bulk rates to provide classes with learning materials, most books are shipped to prisoners upon request, free of charge. We’ve shipped over 18,000 copies to prisoners in virtually every prison in the United States and in many other countries. Your purchase or donation supports this giving program.

This powerful little yoga book has received high marks from yoga teachers and practitioners worldwide. It has a brief but thoughtful  introduction to yoga and focuses on the methodology James developed over the fifteen years he has taught in San Quentin. The book often becomes a prized possession for prisoners and many requests we receive are inspired by fellow prisoner recommendations. In addition to donating a book to a prisoner at random, you can buy a book and have it shipped to a prisoner you know or buy one for yourself to keep. Either way it is an investment in change, both in a prisoner’s life and in prison reform.

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A Book-A-Month Subscription: Over 18,000 prisoners have received our book Yoga A Path for Healing and Recovery free of charge. We depend on donations to support this program. Imagine the relief that a yoga practice can be to a prisoner in 23/7 isolation, deprived of all stimuli including human contact. Or someone serving Life plus 10 or imprisoned for any one of dozens of lesser, non-violent crimes now living a daily horror of hostility and neglect. Improving the treatment of prisoners is a basic tenet of prison reform.
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“I’m happy to have your book here with me, it’s been a great source of inspiration and reference for my personal practice. It’s also good to know that people share the idea that inmates can benefit from yoga and practices of mindful awareness.”  B.D., Illinois State Prison, East Moline, Illinois