A Typical Class for Prisoners

Class Description

A typical 90-minute class can be divided into six areas of focus:

  1. Centering – – the beginning 5-10 minutes of the class is devoted to establishing the foundation for mindful awareness by disengaging from preoccupations of the mind and initiating the conscious breath work that is integral for the class.
  2. Opening – the experience of centering is enhanced by engaging in a series of static poses that are held for longer periods while maintaining focused awareness on the breath and sensations arising in the body.
  3. Purification – after the vital areas of the body are opened they are then ‘flushed’ through a vigorous set of continuous, moving postures that require concentrated breathing to facilitate the body through this energetic cleansing process.
  4. Resiliency – this period involves building core physical, mental and emotional fortitude through a set of poses that require physical strength, balance and stamina.
  5. Closing – this section of the class is dedicated to ‘sealing’ the benefits achieved through a set of seated or reclining postures intended to release any remaining blocked energy.
  6. Integration – the final segment of class is devoted to surrendering into stillness, in both lying and seated positions, while being guided through a process of integrating the physical, mental and emotional benefits of the practice.