Donors are the driving force behind our mission. Your donation makes the work in local jails and prisons possible. You can drive awareness of the aching need for prison reform while bringing practical, remedial help to prisoners and disrupt the cycle of gross indifference and violence, reducing pain and suffering in prison.

Important Ways to Give

A Simple Donation. Your donation will help close the capacity gap…the most urgent of priorities. The gap between the service we’re able to support right now and what we need to meet our exploding growth.
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A Sustaining Gift. A sustaining monthly donation. Your recurring gift ensures that we can sustain services in the hundreds of prisons, jails, detention centers, rehab and reentry facilities we currently serve and build up the 15 local PYP Chapters who deliver real, trained yoga teachers into those facilities. Help train more teachers, give them follow-up training and teaching aids, help them with their expenses.
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A Book-A-Month Subscription: Over 22,000 prisoners have received our book Yoga A Path for Healing and Recovery free of charge. We depend on donations to support this program. Imagine the relief that a yoga practice can be to a prisoner in 23/7 isolation, deprived of all stimuli including human contact. Or someone serving Life plus 10 or imprisoned for any one of dozens of lesser, non-violent crimes now living a daily horror of hostility and neglect. Improving the treatment of prisoners is a basic tenet of prison reform.
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Send a Yoga DVD to a Prison Warden! Take matters into your own hands. If you’ll fund a $50 donation, we’ll send the warden our Yoga DVD to a prison you designate. Use our list or request a prison. We’ll package it up and throw in a copy of our book “Yoga A Path for Healing and Recovery” and include a letter of instructions on how they can start a class, and, if need be, our willingness to help them do it. We’ll package this up, confirm the address, send it to a decision-maker and make a follow-up call. This is our third season doing this. You can take direct action and get in social justice, human transformation and spreading yoga into prisons nationwide.
Send a Yoga DVD to a Warden