What We Do

We train yoga instructors how to teach to trauma-impacted populations.

We conceive and produce instructional materials, for teachers, prisoners and the public, in video, audio and print.

We teach classes in prisons, jails and other detention and rehabilitation facilities.

We are developing research to measure the effectiveness of our work, to replicate studies already done showing reduction of rates of reoffense.

We are developing programs to support released prisoners - returning citizens - in their lives outside.

We advise prisons, governmental agencies, private entities and/or individuals about establishing yoga programs as part of rehabilitation programs.

We help prisons and jails start programs by providing advice, training materials, yoga mats and class curriculum

We advocate with public officials and prison administrators on behalf of victim-offender education, restorative justice and initiation of rehab programs.

We train new leaders.

We conduct fundraising campaigns to generate the resources necessary to grow the mission.

We spread the word, bringing our innovative programs to every corner of this country and upon request, to countries abroad.

The purpose of this work:

Reducing it to simplest terms, the goal of Prison Yoga Project is to help people shift unconscious behavioral patterns of reacting into conscious ways of responding by teaching individuals the skill of clearly witnessing their moment-to-moment experience. Learning this fundamental behavioral shift can make the difference between a person committing a crime or not, going back to using or not, getting tangled in a confrontation, or not. We do this by expanding the practice of Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation to prisons and rehabilitation facilities.


Our Programs

  We Train Yoga Teachers to Teach in Prison More...