International Training and Programs

  • International Programs.PYP has trained over 300 teachers in Canada, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and The Netherlands. There are three active international chapters providing services to local correctional facilities using PYP influenced methodology. Most recently, PYP Mexico was launched in March 2017. Forty-two teachers were trained and pilot programs were initiated at a federal prison in Morelos, a state prison in Mexico City and two other local prisons. We’ll be going back in August 2017 for an additional Training. Netherlands is now in its third year of providing in-prison programs including a pilot program for the worst 600 reoffenders. We return to Amsterdam in September (2017) and will accept invitations to conduct Trainings in England and Spain as well.

    We teach and learn in our international work. Other countries have very different perspectives on how to treat offenders and focus a great deal of time rehabilitating them. As a result these countries have a very successful reentry record and enjoy a much lower rate of reoffense. Since most prisoners are eventually released its important that they be given the right skills and tools to survive and thrive as contributing community members. Its important to the individuals and their families and a matter of public safety. We have a common interest with these countries to improve this world through the serious minded rehabilitation of offenders.

    Chronology of PYP International. (link)