Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is the yoga of action, with an attitude of selfless service; its all in the attitude with which you approach the work. It involves engaging in action or activities without attachment to the outcome or expecting a reward, but for the purpose of enhancing the common good. Another component of Karma Yoga is striving for excellence in your work. It is the yoga of service toward others as an expression of one’s true, selfless nature without attachment to the ego.

Some yogis find themselves in circumstances in which they’ve completed their teacher training, they’ve experienced studio yoga. They love just about everything about yoga but they experience a yearning. Our work strives to take you beyond the physical practice with a deeper view of the essential meaning of yoga, as envisioned by those who shaped its beginnings. We find that, for many, training and bringing the values of yoga to underserved communities brings the essential meaning of yoga into sharper focus. Some have described it as “connecting the dots”, even life-changing. Our mission is to bring these transformational values of yoga and mindfulness to prisoners and the many others outside prison who suffer from the residual effects of chronic trauma.