Sanghas. Sangha is a sanskrit word that means “community.” We use it to mean “Chapter.”  We have fifteen local Chapters, or Sanghas worldwide. A Sangha is a gathering of teachers who have taken the Prison Yoga Project Training and others who haven’t taken it yet but believe in our mission. Their concerted efforts and those of the donors and other volunteers they work with, make this mission successful.

These are the Chapter Coordinators. This mission has grown rapidly thanks to the leadership of Sangha Coordinators and Program Directors. We are happy to shine light on these wonderful leaders who are a major reason yoga goes into prison every day. They work with prisons and jails and other institutions where our teachers can bring yoga to those sorely in need. They coordinate the activities of local Trained teachers to make sure classes are sustained rain or shine. They embody the term karma yoga, selfless service given with no expectations. Deepest gratitude to you for your leadership and inspiration!

    • Arizona, Tucson

    • Nancy Hand
    • California, San Diego

    • Bill Brown
    • Canada/Ontario

    • Tania Lutz
    • Colorado

    • Jerome Geraghty
    • India/Mumbai

    • Josefin Wikström
    • Kansas

    • Erin Medina
    • London, England

    • Geoff O'Meara
    • Massachusetts

    • John E McDonough

      Deborah O'Neil
    • Mexico

    • Luisa Perez

      Jnana Dakini
    • New York/NYC

    • Julia Febiger
    • Northern Ohio

    • Lynn Williams
    • The Netherlands

    • Femke Manger

      Carolien Pentinga
    • Vermont

    • Jim Dunn
    • Washington D.C./Maryland

    • Nancy Kochuk

      Whitney Ingram